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Hi I’m Olivia,

born and raised in the Netherlands.
I always loved to travel and one day I decided to pack my bags and follow my Heart!
And now for more than 7 years I’m living on the lovely island of Curacao.

After 5 years I met the love of my life and we’re still happy in love!!
Living together made us think about adopting a dog.

Because we had plans to go travel in the near future we wanted to have a small dog, so we can take her everywhere with us.

I never thought about having a Chihuahua, to be honest I always thought they were a little bit snappy. (Whoopss… Did I just say that out loud!!)
But I talked to some people who are having Chihuahuas and they were all very positive about the little doggies!!

That changed my vision about Chihuahuas and because we really wanted to have a small dog we decided to adopt a baby Chi!

July 11th 2019 Vida and her brothers and sister were born.

It was love at first sight when I first met Vida. She was only 4 weeks old!

After 7 weeks she came to live with us..

Vida is the best choice I ever made!!! She gives us so much love and joy!

I can’t imagine a life without her!!

Vida means ‘Life’ in Spanish, we named her like that because she brings so much more life in our home!

If you want to see more of Vida just click on our picture!

The reason I wanted to make this website is because I soon noticed that having a Chihuahua is something more than just having a dog.

What I mean is that a Chihuahua needs special care that’s a little different than any other breed.

That doesn’t mean other dogs don’t need special care, because every pet you adopt needs all the love and care you can give.

But I think it’s important for people who are thinking about adopting a Chihuahua to know certain information about this breed before they decide of having a sweet Chi.

So if you didn’t already have… Start ‘sniffing’ around!