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NV HOLDERS: Premium Genuine Leather Double Padded Collar for Dogs | Black, Brown, Blue, Pink Collars | Strong, but Comfortable | for Small Chihuahuas

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  • 100% premium double layered padded dog leather collar. Made from super soft durable leather with metal dog ring in which you can customly engrave your dogs name and your phone number.
  • Double fastenings for extra hold and security with premium grade gold or silver hardware to make sure your pup is secured during your walks.
  • There are 4 padded dog collar sizes: from S to XL, which suit all types of dogs. CHART: SMALL SIZE -> Neck size 9-12.5inch, MEDIUM SIZE -> Neck size 12.5-16.5inch, LARGE SIZE -> 16.5-19.5 inch, XL -> 19.5-22.5 inch
  • Every collar come with dog ring, in which you can customly engrave your dogs name, your phone number, or whatever you want.
  • Our biggest mission was to create a dog collar that is soft and comfortable on one hand and sturdy, made of the finest quality on the other hand. We have put our heart and soul into this product to make sure that every dog will be safe, yet comfortable.